R.O.S.L.A. LLC is a private manufacturing company, has been operating on the market of anodized aluminum profile since 1995. For more than 20 years of work, the path from a small enterprise for the production of furniture and trade and exhibition equipment to a large manufacturer of anodized aluminum profile has been traversed. The capacity of the enterprise for anodizing now is more than 40% of all the capacities of Russia. Modern buildings are equipped with the latest automatic lines and other equipment that allows carrying out high-quality multi-colored anodic coating. The enterprise is certified according to GOST R ISO 9001-2008, and products - according to GOST R for profiles with anodic coating, has an international quality mark QUALANOD.
Gennady Gusakov
/ Сompany founder

The main activities of the company are:

  • Development of anodized aluminum profiles systems for the production of furniture and interior items under the “Rosla” brand for:
    • The manufacture of sliding-door wardrobes;
    • The manufacture of facades of cabinet furniture;
    • The production of sliding suspended interior doors;
    • The manufacture of wardrobe rooms, shelving, commercial furniture;
    • Manufacturing mobile partitions;
    • Framing furniture details;
    • The manufacture of shelves;
    • The manufacture of countertops;
    • The production of information frames;
    • Frames and supports of cabinet furniture;
    • The manufacture of trade and exhibition furniture;
    • Other purposes.
  • Manufacture of furniture, including medical products (products are certified in accordance with GOST R).
  • Delivery of profiles according to the drawings of customers, including the development of design documentation, placing for pressing with subsequent finishing with anodizing, manufacturing of parts.
  • Providing services for applying protective-decorative coating of profiles by anodizing with various types of pre-treatment.

Currently, the company put into operation:

  • Four modern automatic anodizing lines for aluminium profiles (made in Germany, Italy);
  • Line for the treatment of aluminum profile by the method of dyeing;
  • Plants for shot-blasting of profile;
  • A wide range of equipment for processing anodized profiles into products and semi-finished products according to customer drawings;
  • Various equipment for individual and block packaging of the profile into a polymer film;
  • Modern warehouse system.

Currently, the company is introducing the technology of anodizing the aluminum profile by electrolytic interference.

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