Development of aluminum profiles by your drawings

We will help you to realize your idea
and give it a shape

Why is it worth to order designing from us??

Developed about 300 unique profiles

We have a rich 20 years of experience in designing both individual types of aluminum profiles and entire systems

We comply with the deadlines

We closely follow the deadlines at all stages of designing and will always keep you informed of the status of the order.

We save your money and time

We choose the optimal solutions for terms, prices, delivery, to save your money and time.
We will design the drawing
If you do not have a drawing, but have a sample, contact us and we will discuss the delivery options.

We will cut into size, pack and deliver to you

We will cut a profile in the size necessary to you, we will accurately and carefully pack it and deliver to you.
The main part of packing is carried out on the Spanish packing centers Neleo and the Italian Nele2
Delivery of the profile is carried out by our transport or transport company to anywhere in Russia and world.

We guarantee quality of a covering of the international level

We annually successfully undergo certification of "Qualanod".
You can be sure, the quality of a covering of your profile will conform to the international standard.

"Qualanod – Quality Label for Sulphuric Acid-Based Anodising of Aluminium
QUALANOD is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of anodised aluminium. To determine whether or not anodising meets a customer's requirements, the results need to be measurable against technical specifications. On behalf of customers who have products anodised, QUALANOD defines comprehensive quality requirements and monitors the compliance by licensed plants world-wide. As a result, purchasers of anodised aluminium receive a premium-grade product delivering long-term value with good quality. In past years QUALANOD has consequently made a great contribution to assuring the quality of aluminium parts used in many end-markets. QUALANOD has about 185 licensees distributed across 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America."


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